Detailing & Coordination

Our clients tell us that we lead the industry in detailing and coordination. Careful planning and coordination pay dividends during construction.


UMC's detailers use the latest software programs to create 3-D models of integrated building systems.


Once the systems are modeled, UMC takes charge of the coordination process. Our detailers organize the other trades (typically fire sprinklers, electrical, and data) with review meetings, deliverables, and deadlines. UMC typically produces a 3D model of the building and its systems utilizing the latest in 3D collision detection software which identifies spatial\constructability conflicts between the trades. Each conflict is tagged and logged, so it never falls through the cracks. Our FTP site serves as a repository for the latest information, which e-mails alerts to select team members regarding new postings.

Once detailing and coordination is complete, our systems can interface directly with our estimating software to confirm quantities and update budgets. Once coordination is complete, these detailing packages produce the spool sheets for the fabrication shop.

"UMC's partnering with Turner in detailing and coordination was instrumental in making our project successful. The process improved communication between the subcontractors in the field and minimized surprises."

- Jeff Smith, Turner Construction


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