Controls Specialist

Job Description: Develop and manage controls installation projects through effective communication, client relations, negotiation, scheduling, tracking, document control and forecasting costs and profitability.

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities (other duties may be assigned):

  • Select and install control products, components, applications, and systems
  • Review specification and contract documents prior to RFP’s
  • Assist/coordinate RFI’s with the Project Manager
  • Prepare/review submittals
  • Perform QA/QC job walks and assessments
  • Evaluate change orders
  • Coordinate with the Project Manager to develop, enter and verify field and global digital control components to ensure operation meets the sequence of operations required by the project
  • Document programming and device setup
  • Setup, program, and configure GUI/host workstations or other user interface such as web-enabled, client-server, or thin client systems
  • Collaborate with other Engineers and Field Engineers to define software needs and develop testing and commissioning plans
  • Provide point-to-point oversight
  • Provide start-up and commissioning support
  • Manage electrical subcontractors, including selection, writing subcontract, oversight/ coordination, review of changes, review of billings, and oversight of panel fabrication
  • Provide engineering support including specification review and creation of points list, contract controls diagrams, and sequence of operations
  • Prepare shop and installation drawings
  • Prepare bill of materials
  • Develop software
  • Provide technical coordination on project
  • Collaborate with the COM, Project Manager, Engineers, and support staff
  • Coordinate with Project Manager on special requirements addressed during the submittal process including TCP sizes, layouts/locations, special mounting requirements, home runs, and other installation needs.
  • Provide technical assessment/ review of project plans/ scope
  • Interpret project technical requirements and system applicability, software and user interface
  • Adhere to technical standards, procedures, and policies of the company and provide recommendations for revisions as standards evolve and system needs change
  • Provide input on standardization of product selections, new applications, drawing and documentation standards to assure quality, productivity and performance
  • Respond to technical information requests
  • Develop project documentation, manuals, test and commissioning plans, and customer training materials
  • Regular attendance and promptness are considered part of each employee's essential job functions.

Specific Job Skills:

  • Good working knowledge of the systems commonly monitored and controlled by a building DDC/EMS.
  • Must have ability to incorporate a sequence of operation into a device and workstation application. Systems may include Tridium/Niagara Ax, Distech Lonworks Controllers, KMC BACNet Controllers, Viconics Thermostats and others.

Education and/or Experience:

  • Maintain current, up-to-date knowledge of HVAC and mechanical systems technology, control DDC instrumentation technology, and industry standards.
Job Conditions:

UMC is a drug-free workplace. All positions must submit a urinalysis sample as required in the program and pass the screen. University Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is a Drug Free Workplace and an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer. Contractor License #UNIVMC*343N9.


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