Pre-Construction Services

UMC has a unique strength in pre-construction. During the formative stages of the project, owners need a clear perspective of where they are now and the choices before them. Good information, good advice, and early detection of problems can avoid budget problems and re-design delays.

Conceptual Estimating

Led by UMC's seasoned project executives, we can accurately estimate complete projects based on very preliminary programming information and/or sketches. Using metrics from similar projects, UMC can predict specific labor and material quantities for each area of the building. We can then present the estimate to the client and team with plenty of scope and cost breakdown.

Options Evaluation & Budget Control

From this budget baseline, UMC can assist project teams evaluate different systems, layouts, capabilities, or features. By utilizing proprietary real-time budget control tools that organize and filter information, UMC can present clients with a clear picture of project options. This allows the client to make timely informed decisions, and the team can move forward with confidence.

"We found UMC's budget and costing format
to be very reliable. Their open-book approach
adds value to the pre-construction process."

- Jim Karambelas, Principal
GLY Construction


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