Preventative Maintenance Programs

All HVAC/R equipment requires regular maintenance to prevent potential problems. UMC develops site-specific preventive maintenance service programs to meet clients' specific requirements. Programs range from augmenting existing in-house programs with infrequent inspections, to complete preventive maintenance and repair responsibilities and 24/7 emergency service.

Typical Service Programs
Inspection Service Program (ISP)
Preventative Service Program (PSP)
Extended Service Program (ESP)
Scheduled Maintenance X X X
Air Filters   X X
Drive Belts   X X
Lubrication X X X
24/7 Emergency Service Included     X
Repair Parts / Materials     X
Repair Labor     X
Refrigerant     X
Preferred Labor Rate X X X
Discounted Labor Rate for Services Not Included X X X
Predictive Services   X X